The bisexuality is a mode of sexual behavior that mixes other two variations- heterosexuality and homosexuality. The former refers to sexual relations between individuals of different sex or gender and the late to relationships between individuals of the same sex or gender.

Homosexualism Adam4Adamn, currently defended by some and refused by others, isn’t anything new. The nobles of ancient Greece viewed in the love between two men the most sublime form of passion. Such is even a coherent standpoint in a society that regarded women as inferior beings. Utter intolerance with regards to homosexual practices is an attitude typical of the Christian Occident.

Albeit, in the Old Testament homosexualism is harshly condemned- “if a man sleeps with another man, as if were a woman, both would commit something abominable; will be punished of death and will take its guilt”, says the Lord to Moses in Leviticus XX, 13. The Christendom in expansion in Europe conserved such serenity, and until the XVIII century, the cases of homosexualism were judged by ecclesiastic courts.

As it were, only sexual relations between husband and wife, reproduction-orientated, were approved unrestricted by all clergy and nescient Christians. Relations prior marriage, adultery and homosexualism were deemed mortal sins.

It’s impossible to define categorically a specific situation whether individual or familial that spark homosexual behavior. What some researches have revealed is that there’s a certain tendency to male homosexualism Adam4Adamn when the paternal image is weak or absent. In this case, strong bonds get established between mother and son and towards her, there would be sexual impulses directed of the youth in puberty.

Nevertheless, such impulses towards the maternal image would be repressed as being incestuous, which would end up by interfering in the sexual impulse towards other women. In the adult phase, this individual could identify women with the maternal image, including them in the taboo of incest.

From what can be judged by the researches, homosexualism seemingly less common among women than men.

There are clues that, for a woman, the genital sexuality isn’t prerogative. When rejecting men she winds up, in general, by abandoning all sexual activities, not transferring her desires over to other women.

Currently bisexuality is becoming common practice. It’s when an individual develops sexual relations either with individuals of the same sex or of the opposite sex. Likewise, the male homosexualism of ancient Greece, bisexualism of the XXI century is a social construction of the moment.

Contemporarily the western society is highly stimulated sexually. Sex is present in an intense form in diverse means of mass communication such as TV, cinema, music and the Internet. As a result there are individuals even more up to search for sex whether isolated or in the form of love as the main personal satisfaction.

If possible, for those individuals, inclusive, sexual intercourse with individuals of the same sex, so the list of possibilities ten-folds. When for instance, a teenage girl feels sexually attracted by her best girl friend and by her male classroom colleague at the same time.

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